Online Payment

1: Regular Fortune Cookies (with Egg) 90 pcs   min.

Random Message Cookies
( minimum order
90 pc.)

Rs. 15.75 per pc. (Including Tax’s)

Personalized Message Cookies               
  ( minimum  order
90 pc.)

Rs. 24.50 per pc. (Including Tax’s)


2: Vegetarian  Fortune Cookies.

Random Message Cookies (Vegetarian)

Rs. 28.00 per pc.

(Including Tax’s)

(Minimum order350pcs.)


3: Personalized Sachet

Personalized Cookie Pouches

Rs. 3.64 per cookie

(Including Tax’s)

Minimum Order (90 pcs.)



4: Select Delivery Option

Home Delivery for Mumbai

Rs. 250 Extra

In Minimum of 100 pcs.

Home Delivery for Pune

Rs. 2.50 per cookie Extra

In Minimum of 90 pcs.

Home Delivery for Rest of India

Rs. 10 per cookie Extra

In Minimum of 90 pcs.


5: Checkout and Pay

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